Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dev Update #11 - Continuing work on Productivity Game - Rogue-Like Prototype

Game in mid-level load

Game on Day 2
What works:
-Adding and completing tasks.
-Completing a task adds a tile to the level.
-The level can then be played once all tiles are complete.
-Todo buttons fit the size of their text.
-The level, the number of tiles added to the level, and the remaining todos are all saved when the game is closed and reopened.
-  The actual game portion works

What doesn't work:
I added those buttons along the right side to test some features.  Currently they're all a little broken.  I'm pretty sure I know how to fix the music button to turn music on and off.  The pause button technically works, but tiles are not added to the level when a todo is completed, when paused, which defeats the purpose of the pause.  The reset game button resets the game, but you also have to immediately turn the game off and back on again or it will break all kinds of things.

So, I'm basically just bug fixing right now.

I thought I made at least one post, if not multiple posts since the last one, but they don't appear to exist :/

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