Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dev Update #10

2d Roguelike Prototype:
I've completed saving and loading using random.seed, a couple of simple integer variables, and player prefs.  This was actually much easier than I anticipated.

Now I'm back to where I left off with the Habit Engine...The GUI.

I'm not looking forward to this, but I know it's necessary and highly important.  I'm hoping to build the "One GUI to rule them all!" or, in other words, a flexible, customizable GUI I can continue to reuse on all projects.

I may do a more indepth write up of my work so far, eventually, but I wasn't planning on posting until I had the prototype finished.  I basically looked at the GUI once and got a migraine and decided to come back to it.  I plan on starting work on it this week.  Since I have no idea how long the GUI will take me, I decided to post now.   At least the game part is basically finished.

Maybe I'll post a video so I can show its current state.

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