Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dev Update #10

2d Roguelike Prototype:
I've completed saving and loading using random.seed, a couple of simple integer variables, and player prefs.  This was actually much easier than I anticipated.

Now I'm back to where I left off with the Habit Engine...The GUI.

I'm not looking forward to this, but I know it's necessary and highly important.  I'm hoping to build the "One GUI to rule them all!" or, in other words, a flexible, customizable GUI I can continue to reuse on all projects.

I may do a more indepth write up of my work so far, eventually, but I wasn't planning on posting until I had the prototype finished.  I basically looked at the GUI once and got a migraine and decided to come back to it.  I plan on starting work on it this week.  Since I have no idea how long the GUI will take me, I decided to post now.   At least the game part is basically finished.

Maybe I'll post a video so I can show its current state.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Next Dev Update very soon

I'm planning on posting a new update on the first of every month.  I may make interim posts as well, but new updates should always be posted on the first of the month.

Today's update, however, is late, because it's not finished and I need to leave for work(crappy call center job) at this moment.

I've made some very exciting progress on the 2d rogue prototype and may be able to get it working and published within one to four weeks.  Sequential level loading is working, and I've moved on to saving and loading.

Check back here within the next few days for a more thorough write up.