Productive Game

In July 2015, I suspended work on the Habit Engine to create a new prototype using an existing 2d Roguelike game.  I am calling this the Productivity Game Prototype: Roguelike or PGP Roguelike for short.  The PGP Roguelike implements build and game events in a very simplistic way.  Every time a real world task is completed, a new tile in the level is built, which represents the build event.  When the level is complete, it can then be played, which represents the game event.

I used the game from this Unity 2d Roguelike Tutorial.

For more info on Build and Game Events see the About Page

To download the latest build of PGP Roguelike click here.
There are Windows, Linux, OSX, and Android Builds.

More info about using the Productivity Game can be found in this video:
More info about the work I've put into the Prototype can be found here.

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