Monday, July 16, 2018

Productive Game 2 - Trees Public release

On June 24th, I made my first public release of Productive Game 2 Trees.  It's a timer / time boxing / Pomodoro app that creates a virtual tree for each completed timer, with optional syncing with

I have been neglecting to update this website, and instead have been posting my updates to my twitter at .  I probably need to be more diligent in keeping this website up to date,  and should probably improve the layout. I also think cross posting my dev logs to would be a good idea.

Here's the changelog since the last post

Added scrolling to History.
Added a session reminder when program starts.
Added offline functionality:
When connection is lost to the Habitica server, for any reason, upscores are saved and then sent when connection is reestablished.
Added a light that is green when connection is working, and turns red when connection is lost.  The light is also a button, and clicking the button rechecks the habitica connection.
An error message displays when connection is lost, and a different message displays when the connection is reestablished

Added tree count to Adjustment config
store uid, token, and bactchcount in player prefs
added a user login UI to the config UI with API and username/email login
with settings to remember or forget login info

I removed a message box in the forest screen that had a reference to a joke that contained a curse.  It was brought to my attention that is inappropriate for some audiences, so I removed it.  I may add the message box back later, with the option of creating your own message.  For now I've just removed it.

And here is a sneak preview of what I'm working on next