Friday, August 2, 2019

Version 0.14 of ProductiveGame 2 - Trees released.


Removed the minimize to system tray functionality because it caused conflicts with the Unity Game Engine.
Changed the 2.5d tree sprites to billboard sprites
Dropped and extraneous zero from version numbering.

I noticed a bug in version 0.013, where the cpu would increase significantly when program was minimized to system tray, or "hidden".  Apparently the Unity Engine doesn't like being hidden, and cpu usage increases significantly, and there is also an error that is continuously output to a file.  I found a log file that was 19gb!  Every time the program loads, it deletes the old log file and creates a new on, so there should be no need to try to track down and delete the log file manually.

I believe my only option was to remove the minimize to system tray functionality, so I changed it to a regular minimize.  Now the minimize buttons and exit buttons do the same thing.  I did this so that someone (like me, for example), won't click the exit button thinking it will minimize when it actually closes the program.  In the future, I'll add an option to change that functionality.

In addition, I changed the tree sprites to "billboard sprites", so that they are always facing the player.  This is similar to the way sprites work in 2.5d games like Doom, Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem 3d, etc.

I also dropped an extraneous zero from version numbering.