Friday, August 31, 2018

ProductiveGame 2 - Trees Version 0.012 Released - First Person Forest, Continuous Mode, and Bug Fixes

Big update to my Tree Timer.  I can't decide whether to continue posting Development Logs here or just post them on, or copy and paste logs to both or just link to the log on the other.  I don't know if any reads my development logs, anyway, or I might make them more informative, and more often.

Anyway, until I decide what I'm doing, here is a link to the changelog.

Edit: The latest version 0.012 includes a 3d scene of your forest to give some weight and physicality to the time you've spent working. You can walk with WASD and use mouse to look. Hold shift to run and press space to jump. Right mouse button, and Enter button will toggle mouse/cursor focus(Escape button also works on all but the Web Browser version). There are also very quiet grassy footfall sounds.  You can pick up where you left off when you return from the forest scene.


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