Monday, November 2, 2015

Dev Update #17 Broken Release

Broken Release

I had the game all finished up.  Then I built and tested the game, and for some reason that I don't understand, all character movement moves very, very slowly.  One move takes about two full seconds, which is far too slow.  I have no idea why this is happening.  Also, there is far too much CPU being used.  It jumped from less than 10% CPU usage to between 40 and 60%.  And it doesn't seem consistent.  Sometimes the build will run with less CPU or it will have lower cpu usage and then jump higher.

Here is a video showing the slow movement in the build:

Even in the editor there seems to be some issues with movement.  The characters move at full speed(as far as I can tell), but the player will weave around and not stay within the tiles.  This seems highly inconsistent, because sometimes the player will move normally with absolutely no changes made.

Here is an example of the weaving when run in the editor:

Again, I don't know why any of this happening.  There doesn't seem to be any bugs in my code that would cause this, and I don't know why movement would be so much slower in the build rather than the editor, or why cpu usage would jump.

This issue with movement and cpu usage is the only thing preventing me from making a release.

If anyone thinks they can help with this issue, or with development of the project, I can give access to the bitbucket project or a link to download an archive.

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