Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dev Update #6 New Builds! (And Flying Voxel Pigs)

Go to the link below and download the executable for your desktop operating system.  There are builds for Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX

This is the first build with the bug fix that makes it work with  I also added Jennifer Phillips' Voxelated pigs, from the concept art competition, to the login screen.


-You can login with either username or api.  Click the buttons on the login screen to switch between them.
-You can add habits,dailies, todos, and rewards.
-You can view and check tasks and checklist items.
-Checklist items appear as other tasks except with numbers in front of them (1,1) for example.
-There is no edit functionality, or reorder.
-Todos that have been done still display.

-I haven't added pets.
-Only your costume currently displays.  If you're not using a costume your character won't display.
-Adding sprites is a very manual process.  If the sprite/gear you're using was added after the date that I added the sprites, it cannot display.

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